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Revealed: 4 Types of Logo Designs

That Will Make Customers fall in Love with Your Brand

Did you know logo designs fall into several categories? Right if you didn’t, take time to go through this article. Probably, you are aware that color, font, icon, and typeface are the basic elements of any logo. However, designers mix up the items in a way they align any logo made under a particular design category. But how do you know the best category for your business? Or else, which are the traits of a given a logo that make it fall into a specific category? These might be the questions going through your mind at the moment. To help you answer them, here is a review of the top 4 types of logo designs:

Minimalist logo designs

The first category of designs used in logo creation is the minimalist. This design applies simplicity and strategic element design to create a wooing logo that every person admires. As a creator, you are careful when using color, icon, and font to ensure that the end product has a deep connection with the brand and conveys the exact intended purpose. Also, this design avoids cases of over decorating the logo. Here your every element used must be destined or purposed to achieve a certain goal.

If you are looking for a long-lasting logo for your business, minimalist is a good idea for you. Logos based on this design never lose face regardless of the time. Also, they help you achieve a stable brand identity as there are no exaggerations. Just pure, elegant, and purpose-driven elements to actualize your brand goals.

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Minimalist logo designs
Play Logo design
Vintage logo design
Bold logo design

Play Logo design

Unlike the minimalist, Play logos maximize the usage of color. This logo is designed to instil a fun feeling. Also, they use bright colors, fancy typefaces, and circular shapes to make them catchy and attractive to the viewer’s eyes. These logos are frequently used to target people who love fun. Hence, if you are dealing with children and teens products, this design is a good match for you. 

Also, if you are an event organizing company that focuses on helping people to enjoy some fun moment, this logo design is an excellent idea. Some of the dominant traits of this design are fun, bright, bubbly, liveliness, and pleasant. If you find a logo with those features, you probably know it is a fall under the play category.

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Vintage logo design

The next category of logo designs that you need to be aware of is Vintage. This design draws inspirations from the past. It is based on traditional and classical elements. No much decoration. Just discrete and straightforward combination of elements from past eras. If you are planning to offer information on recent events or launching a museum, this design can be a right approach for you.

Again, since it is simple and does not have a lot of decorations, it can be an excellent approach for businesses with veteran brands. However, if you are launching a modernized business, using this logo design can be the worst mistake you will have ever made.

Bold logo design

Have you ever had a close look at the leading aviation service providers such as Air Canada and Emirates? If so, you have come across a Bold logo design. These logos use the simple, bold, and apparent design without emphasizing on the icon. Also, the typeface is made of bolded words that are clear and easy to read. The good thing about these logos is that they create an image of confidence and professionalism. As well, they enhance the audience trust on your brand. That’s the probable explanation for the level of trust in companies such as KLM, Emirates, Jestar, and so on.



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